About Us

At Delight@Work we focus on the contribution of “organizational culture” to the overall Customer Experience.

We believe that there is potential for delight in every interaction we have with others and when people are deliberately focused on delivering delight the effect is reciprocal and self-perpetuating.

Delight@Work is a behavior change programme facilitated through blended learning. We combine an individual “online” component, comprising a series of “behavior coaching guides”, with “offline” group Workshops designed to cement the learning. In a uniquely scalable and sustainable way, the programme helps your people develop habits that build trust and loyalty with clients and make your working environment a happier place to be.

We help you develop a culture where delivering delightful customer experiences is simply the way that things get done!


After 39 years in the IT Industry, 21 of them in Software, Rick finally gets the chance to focus on his “passion for people”!

Despite the years working in a Technology Industry, Rick’s passion is all about people, and how to get the best from them. “Delight@Work” stems from this passion. “Life is not a dress rehearsal, so live every day and have fun. If what you are doing isn’t fun, and you are not passionate about it, then either change what you are doing or change the way you think about it.”

Business success is typically measured in terms of the hard facts – financial results, market share, share price, etc. Increasingly, however, companies are realising the impact of the “soft” issues and the importance of “delighted” customers. “I have always believed in this, and wanted to find a way to help others believe in it too – and benefit from the results! Delight@Work is designed to achieve this.”