About Us

Anana is a major driving force for customer service in the digital age. We thrive in digital and social strategy for forward-thinking brands, driving contact centres from a traditional support role to be an effective spearhead of 21st century digital customer engagement. We are an award winning solutions innovator, with a heavy focus on digital, mobile, social and multi-channel contact centres, founded upon many years of deployment and operational experience with large scale integrated voice and interactive voice response solutions. Using Anana consulting, professional, engineering and development services and our innovative solutions based approach, banks, major service providers and top-tier retailers are transforming their traditional call centres.

Areas of Expertise

Contact centre Solutions, Digital engagement Solutions, Customer Service Solutions, Call Centre Transformation, Customer Experience Management, Multichannel Customer Contact Solutions, Social and Digital Engagement Solutions, Business Consulting


Simon has been involved in the CRM/Interaction Management/CEM space for the last 21 years from a consulting and business enabling technology solution perspective. He is passionate about Customer Experience Management practices especially with regards to how business processes are viewed  and experienced by an organisation’s customers.

There are 3 key questions he challenges Enterprise to objectively answer

  • Are we easy to deal with from a customer’s perspective?
  • Do we really engage with our customers around specific requirements/issues in dynamic & proactive ways that drive outcomes?
  • Do we carry a near to mid-term reusable memory around the context of our customers interacting with the Enterprise regardless of which channels of interaction have been traversed and conversed in?

“Customer Experience Management is not just around responding to a small percentage of customers that have chosen to rate us in a survey, it is more around a sustainable strategy to engage seamlessly and proactively in everything we do with and around our customer.”