Welcome to a truly African Customer Experience content platform and community.

At its heart the CX Indaba is a community for learning, sharing and networking.

The CX Indaba will offer a platform for storytelling, finding inspiration and motivation to seek delightful experiences for the patrons of your brand. The content will guide and empower you on your CX styrategy journey of discovery, design and implementation.

The platform is offered as a subscription to bring truly South African and African content to the African continent.

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Training, Courses and Workshops

CX Indaba in partnership with Brandlove Customer Experience now offers a selection of workshops and short courses designed to help you as a career professional, develop personal and CX industry-relevant skills that allow you to reach your career goals. Brandlove is also the only training provider in South Africa that has international ART certification by the CXPA.


You will spend 2 days immersed in interactive experiential engagement around how to design remarkable experiences for your customers.


Re-ignite Purpose, passion and performance in individuals and teams.


If you wish to transform how customers experience your brand and re-ignite a love affair with your brand that will bring you more customers as well as increase your growth, this course is for you.


Transform your organization to focus on both share of wallet and share of heart!

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Online Resources

The Customer Experience Eco-System

In order to help explain what is involved during CX transformation, we have put together this Eco System diagram.


Video: What is Customer Experience?

We created this great whiteboard animation video to explain what Customer Experience is. Feel free to use it in your presentations!


Customer  Journey Map Journey Map

Customer journey map diagram that will assist you with explaining the customer journey with an organisation.


Customer Experience Indaba Membership benefits

It is a content platform for Customer Experience leaders and professionals that are embarking upon a strategy of client centricity.

The content will guide and support their journey and give them access to advice and guidance as they continue on this journey.

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